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SRG Provides Tips for Proving Infidelity


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- As private investigators in Los Angeles, Specialized Resource Group, located at , has seen a great deal of infidelity on the part of spouses who think they are “covering their tracks.” Often, however, the victimized partner knows deep down what is going on. Knowing something at a “gut level” and proving it are two different things, so it is important for spouses who suspect their partners are cheating to gather clear and incontrovertible evidence of the infidelity.

Bud Adams, founder of Specialized Resource Group and an experienced Los Angeles private investigator, offers some advice to spouses who believe their partners may be cheating. “First, realize that an investigation of this type could turn up hard evidence,” says this California private investigator. “Some people simply are not ready to see the proof.” In those cases, Mr. Adams advises talking over suspicions with a counselor before taking action. “You have to be prepared for what you find, and if you are suspicious there is often a reason for those feelings.”

Mr. Adams and his team of private investigators in Los Angeles have the following tips for cheated-on spouses who are ready to face the possible truth:

- Keep a private log of travel dates and other times the spouse is away from home. Most cheating spouses spend time physically away from home and often a pattern can be discerned in comings and goings that may be useful in backtracking the partner’s activities.

- If marital money is not already separated, open a private account and begin depositing some funds into it. If a cheating spouse is caught, it is not unusual for him or her to quickly clean out a joint back account. If the suspicions were groundless, it is easy to transfer funds back to the joint account at a later time.

- Do not discuss fears or suspicions with a suspected cheating partner. While it is tempting to confront a cheater, this usually does no more than give the suspect a “heads up” that you are watching his or her movements.

As painful as it may be, hiring a private investigator in San Diego or some other location may be the best way to handle a cheating spouse, particularly if there are large sums of money at stake in a divorce. Many pre-nuptial agreements, for example, provide little for a spouse who files for divorce unless the other partner is committing adultery. In these cases, it can be very important to have hard evidence collected by an Orange County private investigator such as SRG.

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