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Sri Lanka Offers Economic Advantages as Well as Cultural Experience


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- According to a recent report and interview with a prominent London School of Economics professor, Razeen Sally, Sri Lanka holds potentials to apply and be part of an evolving Trans-Pacific Partnership. This means that a free trade agreement with the US could be pursued, as well as the treating of trade and investment as a single issue. This announcement could be seen as part of a more positive, progressive economic mood in Sri-Lanka itself – potentially inviting to traders and new businesses alike.

The recent years have also seen increased spending and regeneration of Sri Lankan infrastructure. This includes educational facilities such as libraries, as well as roads and office sites. This means that those from the UK looking to visit Sri Lank could be considered in an advantageous position. The influx of finances into the area is likely to have benefited accommodation and areas catering for tourists – allowing for a high quality experience.

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A spokesperson had this to say:

"The prospect of a Trans-Pacific partnership is a good one, showing that economic conditions have a much more positive forecast for the future in the country. This could be considered ideal for businesses looking to grow, make new connections and be part of an exciting economic system. In turn, tourists can expect enhanced provisions and a visit they are sure never to forget! We strive hard to support these brilliant aspirations to visit and even invest in Sri Lanka, by providing all the required visa information and procedures, so you can be assured of a quality experience".