SRS Cleaning Equipment

SRS Cleaning Equipment Brings High Quality, Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Equipment


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- SRS Cleaning Equipment supplies high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment for hire at unbeatable prices. They supply a wide selection of hire sweepers, floor scrubbers for hire and combination sweeper scrubbers along with new and fully refurbished sweepers and scrubbers.

One of the members at SRS cleaning equipment stated, “We specialize in the supply and maintenance of industrial cleaning equipment like industrial floor sweepers and floor scrubber driers. We offer flexible hire, sales and maintenance of ride-on and pedestrian floor cleaning sweepers, scrubber driers and floor cleaning equipment throughout the UK and for all industrial and commercial applications.”

The company claims to be one of the first companies in the UK to offer an alternative to the purchase of floor cleaning equipment. They also help large companies meet their changing requirements by providing genuinely flexible long-term hire instead of contracted long term agreements. Their hire fleet, which consists of more than 600 floor sweepers and floor scrubber driers, is popular amongst their clients.

With their latest updated equipment and services, they are able to facilitate factory scrubbing, warehouse sweeping, car park sweeping and scrubbing. As a Master UK Distributor for NSS, for over 20 years it has supplied and maintained the NSS range of ride on and pedestrian battery scrubber driers and floor care machines.

We are the leading specialist in the UK for companies looking to hire floor cleaning equipment such as industrial floor sweepers and floor scrubber driers and combination sweeper scrubbers for Warehouses, Logistics, Car parks, Factories, Shopping centres, All industrial and commercial sites, Construction Sites amongst others.

About SRS Cleaning Equipment
Established in 1978, SRS Cleaning Equipment is a leading specialist in UK for the companies looking to hire floor cleaning equipment such as industrial floor sweepers, floor scrubber driers and combination sweeper scrubbers. They enjoy continual growth with their flexibility and commitment to providing the best customer service, and through their professional and highly skilled and experienced teams.

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