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SSEA Instrument and Contract Manufacturing Offered by Antron Engineering & Machine


Bellingham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- For Antron Engineering & Machine, contract manufacturing is about being able to deliver a wide range of services in the right combination to produce the quality products their clients expect. Antron Engineering is uniquely qualified to bring together different elements of design, production, assembly and testing as necessary for every project.

In a statement released this week, the company stated, “Our excellent track record of delivering great results for contract manufacturing clients came into play recently when we received a request for a new set of SSEA (Separate Sampling and Excitation Accessory) instruments for metals testing. This was a product we had prior experience producing at Antron but one that had gone out of production. We were excited to be able to resurrect what was an obsolete product and build it again to the customer’s requirements.”

The SSEA is a device used in conjunction with an ICP spectrometer, normally only used to analyze the components of liquids or gasses. The addition of an SSEA unit allows for the analysis of metals as well. It is a complex device that generates a high voltage spark against the surface of the metal, producing a dry aerosol that can be analyzed by the spectrometer.

Often these SSEA devices are used by mining companies, precious metal factories or for government testing.

The SSEA is a critical, accurate and complex instrument and producing them requires a range of capabilities. Each unit has electrical, mechanical, optical and machining elements and once assembled requires precise calibration. Building something like the SSEA is beyond the scope of a normal machine shop.

Antron Engineering prides themselves on being an industry leader in contract manufacturing. This SSEA project is a great example of how Antron is uniquely qualified to tackle a range of multi-faceted contract manufacturing projects no matter how complex or unique.

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