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St Pete's Pioneer Chiropractic Clinic Adds New Team Member


St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic welcomes the newest addition to their team, Dr. Duyen Ngo. She's a practitioner of Advanced Orthogonal Technique and has made her first upper cervical correction while still attending clinical studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic. She got her Doctorate degree from the same institution.

Welcoming Spirit

With Pierce Clinic's unwavering commitment to provide more than just adjustments and cure but holistic corrections and healing, Tampa Bay chiropractic clinic always sees the opportunity in hiring competent medical practitioners who exemplify the same mission and vision that they believe in.

Dr. Ngo is a fine example of this practice. Her background in Advanced Orthogonal therapy –Pierce Clinic's specialty– make her a valuable addition to the team. As such, her journey is at its start but she'll be continuously guided by the patriarchs of Pierce Clinic and its highly accommodating team along the way.

She now joins the ranks of Dr. G. Stanford Pierce Sr. and Dr. Christopher Slininger, their two respected resident practitioners.

Dr. Ngo first practiced her profession at Brandon, Florida. She's a passionate cook and makes use of her down time efficiently by creating new dishes. She loves preparing this for her family and friends.

Advanced Orthogonal Technique

This procedure mainly offers precise treatment for patients suffering from upper cervical subluxations. Subluxations is chiropractic-speak for dislocation or misalignment. In relation to the spine, this biochemical malfunctioning tends to irritate nerve roots in nearby regions of the body thus inducing unbearable pain most of the time.

For years and years of service, this St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay chiropractic clinic has only followed the most rigid, and proven accurate procedures to not just diagnose but also treat this condition.

It initially involves 3 dimensional x-rays and analysis. Through this method, the doctors can easily come up with the best course of action. The measurements taken from the x-rays will be used to perform the sound wave treatment.

This is administered by using a painless and non-invasive session that minimizes patient discomfort.

Aside from this technique, the clinic also offers muscular, spinal rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions depending on a patient's specific need. Sessions don't last for as long as the treatment procedure is done. Doctors continuously offer medical advice and alternatives while letting patients take various supplements to help aid toward recovery.

Pierce Clinic wishes to impart the same mindset to Dr. Ngo.

About Pierce Clinic of Chiropractic
Since 1968, Pierce Clinic has served the Tampa Bay community with patient-friendly, accurate chiropractic services. Chiropractic care has been deeply ingrained in the family tradition of Dr. Pierce’s family that practiced this noble profession since 1917. This tradition has already helped alleviate hundreds of ailing patients with concerns ranging from neurological to children's conditions and sports-related injuries. They commit themselves into the practice of holistic treatment for every patient. Their thrust is also education-centric, believing that the knowledge of restoring one's health should be made available to all.


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