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Staffing Agency Reviews Website Launches

Staffing Agency Reviews has been recently launched to help professionals share feedback about staffing and recruiting agencies.


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- Staffing Agencies play an important role in the business world. Years ago it was only the big corporates that were using these recruiting agencies to find good candidates to fill their job positions. Today that has changed! Even small businesses have realized that it takes a lot of time and effort to find a good candidate. So it's better to work with a recruiting agency than to put in the effort themselves.

With businesses being more open to using staffing agencies, there has been a rise in the number of staffing agencies. Of course these companies do make good money so if you have some knowledge of the field and some sale skills; you would do well in the industry. The problem is that all the staffing agencies do no practice good ethics and professionalism. There are some really good agencies and also some crooks that only want to make a sale and only care about themselves. With that being said owner of felt that there was a need for a portal where professionals can share their feedback to protect/help each other and that is how staffing agency reviews was born.

Though there are a couple of other review websites available but none of them is dedicated to just staffing. Also, another challenge is that those websites show you reviews from two different types of users. Some work for the company e.g. account managers, recruiters, marketing, accounting, sales etc. and then some are working on contracts for the company or have been placed permanently in a company. These are two different type of employees. Staffing Agency Reviews focuses on the later, the type that does not work on the company's premises. These employees could belong to all different types of professions e.g. nurses, physical therapists, accountants, marketing executives, software developers, engineers, business analysts, clerical staff etc.

Developers of the website commented that "We wanted to make the process very simple and intuitive. The user does not need to create an account, they should be able to share their feedback within a few minutes. Also, if they were just looking to read existing reviews, agency and location fields on the website pre-populate to provide an intuitive search experience. "

The company looks forward for a big first year and promises to enhance the application to provide more features to help the community.

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