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Stage Lasers Presents Its Platform for All the Latest Laser Lighting Equipment is the official site of the Chinese laser lighting equipment company, Bomgoo. This company specializes in marketing and manufacturing stage lighting equipments.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- Founded back in 2006, Bomgoo is amongst the leading companies specializing in marketing and manufacture of stage lighting equipment. The company employs more than 200 people and is one of the biggest names when it comes to the list of the top stage lighting equipment makers in the world. Here, Far- sighted and reliable management gets combined with the zest for innovation and youthful dynamism. The monthly production of the company is over 150,000 units, and to meet the demand of the foreign market the company has invested heavily on new products and R&D.

Animation laser show is slightly different from the standard laser. These lasers have ILDA port, which enables them to be used by professional laser software like Pangolin QuickShow that can create custom animated images, along with complex beam shows and custom patterns. Also, customers can choose multiple colours as well. These animation lasers can be of various types namely, 500mW RGB, 1W Full Colour RGB, Super 1200mW Automatic laser projector, Sound Activated DMX projector, cool 3000mW RGB laser projector, New 2W Laser Colour Effects Projector, 5000mW Laser Projector, Cool 8000mW Music Lounge Projector, and 10000mW Animation Laser Light. Bomgoo’s RGB laser lights are perfect for any kind of events, parties, nightclubs, and festivals. The laser lights series is made up of RGB 10W, RGB 8W, RGB 5W, RGB 4W, RGB 3W and RGB 2W.

With 16 years of experience in this industry, Bomgoo is engaged professionally in R&D, production and sale of LED and laser lighting. In China, the company has 35 offices from which it carries on this business. The manufacturing equipment used by Bomgoo is state-of-the-art, in addition to the world-class fully insulated workshops, perfect supply chain management system, etc. The company, as a team, has worked hard in growing into a professional and experienced manufacturer. Over the years, Bomgoo has exported superior quality products to more than 50 countries at very competitive prices. This has helped the company in earning respect from clients, and therefore it has gained enough from word-of-mouth publicity.

The company believes in one thing i.e. an enterprise’s soul is quality and the company will do anything at their disposal to maintain that. The company’s OQA, OQC, IQA, IPQC and IQC give their entire attention to supervise and control the ingredients so as to guarantee the quality in meeting the needs of their customers. The core team of Bomgoo comprises of some of the most talented individuals from this industry. It takes no more than 15- 21 days in delivering the product after receiving the deposit money. Hence, people can get all kinds of latest laser show system at a single place.

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URL: is the official site of the Chinese laser lighting equipment company, Bomgoo. This Chinese company is an expert in marketing and manufacturing LED moving and laser lighting products.

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