Stair Lifts 101 Offers Top Quality Stair Lifts at the Best Possible Prices


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Stair Lifts 101 company is specialized in providing various kinds of affordable stair lifts. These tools are effective solutions for people who find difficulties with getting up or down the stairs. The company also offers reconditioned and used stair lifts at even more affordable prices.

Many people suffer from restricted mobility that makes it extremely difficult for them to move between the floors in their houses, unless they have someone who can help. However, a novelty in technology provides perfect solution for these people even when they live alone. Stair Lifts 101 is a place where these people can find reliable and safe home stair lifts that become popular today because of their valuable features.

The company offers different kinds of stair lifts so that every user gets a chance to find the one that suits perfectly his or her needs. Stair lifts for seniors or disabled are divided into the following categories:

- New Stair Lift – these products are pricier compared to other categories, but they are still offered with great discounts that are almost half of their regular price. For example, AmeriGlide AC Rubex Stair Lift that usually costs $3,000.00 is offered at the price of $1,749.00 including the shipping costs. There is an outdoor stair lift, curved stair lift and other lift kinds also offered within this category.

- Used Stair Lifts Category boasts with the lowest possible prices of AmeriGlide brand. The company performs a rigorous inspection to ensure their safety and meeting all quality standards. This option allows users to save a lot and still own a useful and reliable device that will meet their urgent needs.

- Curved Stair Lifts are specially designed to help people go around the corners. One of their most important benefits is customization of their shape and size that allows them to suit the staircase’s landings and curves. Their prices are between $6,300.00 and $10,466.00 with the shipping included.

- Outdoor Stair Lifts are weatherproof and feature different kinds of covers that protect them from wind, ice, snow, rain and other unfavorable weather conditions. This option is perfect for houses with outdoor stairs, as outdoor stair lifts offered at are more affordable than elevators.

- Electric Stair Lifts Category contains multiple electric powered stair lifts at affordable prices ranging from $999.00 up to $3,049.00.

- Battery Stair Lifts provide two options that customers might use: they could be plug into electrical outlets or being used with rechargeable backup batteries. This allows people to still use their stair lift even in case there is no power in the house. In addition, the website offers cargo lifts that allow customers to move heavy things between the floors of their houses.

Disabled or senior people, who are interested in finding the most affordable solution to move up and down the stairs, may visit to find out more.

About is established with the goal to provide affordable, reliable and safe solution for elder people, who have difficulties with moving around. The company offers various kinds of stair lifts at affordable prices to enable all needed individuals to take advantage of this home facility.