Stand Up Desk Pro

Stand Up Desk Pro Redefines the Work (And Play) Space with Sleek Innovative Designs

Furniture Design Company Stands Up for a New Way to Work and Game!


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2016 -- The way humans go about their daily tasks is often left unquestioned. However, forward-thinking individuals and businesses who do care about longevity and overall well-being sometimes come along and ask what needs to asked. From there, they come up with a solution that works. Stand Up Desk Pro is one such company. Something as simple as the position we sit in when we work seems so obvious – so indisputable. Though it may feel like second nature, new research mixed in with a dose of plain old common sense is helping us see this issue in new and refreshing light – and it's an issue that affects almost everyone.

Stand Up Desk Pro invites the world to – quite literally – stand up with them. And their line of furniture is just the key needed. With a variety of sleek and simply designed pieces, working has never been easier – or better looking! Whether it's the seductive Dark Walnut monitor riser made of bent wood or the airy-feeling Light Maple keyboard riser, those working an eight hour shift or grinding through a 24 hour gaming marathon won't be disappointed. The sizing and adjustability options each product offers only add to the appeal! Perhaps what's best of all is that existing desks do not need to be replaced and users can even choose to still sit if they like by simply using a riser to adjust their monitor to a more comfortable eye level.

Though stand up desks themselves aren't exactly brand new, many tend to be a huge investment as well as cumbersome to move and setup. Stand Up Desk Pro brushes away both of these issues with its extremely low prices and lightweight design. Not only this but the stands can both serve virtually any purpose imaginable and even free up space beneath the monitor or keyboard that wasn't there before!

These innovations are deeply rooted in personal experience. "Five years ago I was working at a corporate finance job - being an active person, it was difficult to stay seated for an extended period of time working at a computer", shared Stand Up Desk Pro founder Amber Hagopian. "Unable to find a simple and visually favorable way to raise my keyboard and monitor, I devised a method of my own – one that also served to promote my health."

The body of research surrounding sitting vs. standing only continues to grow – in some cases with comparisons of sitting being called the new smoking! To date, numerous studies indicate that heart disease, diabetes, and obesity rates are doubled or even tripled in individuals who spend a significant amount of time sitting down and even regular moderate to vigorous exercise does not counteract the damage. On its website, Stand Up Desk Pro provides more information on the many known benefits of standing that will be sure to lure in those interested in looking after their health and being as energetic and productive as possible!

About Stand Up Desk Pro
From their base in Austin Texas, Stand Up Desk Pro is redefining the work space for the entire globe. They believe in designing furniture and incorporating it into the everyday working person's life in a way that promotes health – not worsens it. Furthermore, they believe in an affordable, versatile product that is fully functional yet still maintains a highly aesthetic appeal. Their current lineup of products includes keyboard and monitor risers that are available in a variety of sizes, colors and adjustment capabilities. Although focused on working individuals, gamers and those simply browsing the web in their free time are all invited to experience the new wave of desk furniture!