Standing Desk Hub Releases New Video About the Company and Their Standing Desks

Sit-to-Stand Desk manufacturer Standing Desk Hub™ announces Release Of a New Video For Press and Customers.


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2016 -- Office and home desk manufacturer Standing Desk Hub™ have just announced the release of a short video which educates existing and potential users of the virtues of standing at the workplace. The video also outlines the mission of the company and what they hope to achieve for their customers. In the video the founder is shown to be explaining the health benefits of transferring to a standing desk and explains that it does not have to be an expensive switch.

The company claims that by carefully and properly using a standing desk for people who normally spend long hours working at a desk can have dramatic improvements in a person's health. Benefits can include a better posture, weight loss, better moods. The company is also keen to point out that for employers, productivity of employees tends to improve when people switch to a standing desk.

Standing Desk Hub have put the video on their website home page. They acknowledge that many people do not have the time to spend a long time reading up about products and hope that the video will engage with customers more easily.

Standing Desk Hub's model designed for use with a computer monitor in their Compact C Range is the C7 Compact Standing Desk. This has in addition to the adjustable desk layer a raised level for placing a monitor at eye line which the company claims helps with posture and reduces neck and shoulder strain. The layer is easily adjusted to the users' own height with 4 solid stainless steel rails on a specially designed ball-bearing slider which is clamped tightly with "easy-finger" clamp technology to secure the desk at the correct height for the user.

The company, which offers a lifetime warranty with all of its desks, says that the C7 Standing desk is light enough to be picked up and moved from desk to desk and is designed for use for pcs with one monitor, keyboard and mouse. The desk riser is used by placing it on top of an existing work space and is moved up and down to the correct height.

The Desks are available to buy in the United States via Standing Desk Hub store their products in Amazon's warehouses and they are all eligible for Amazon Prime delivery.

Owner, Guy Fisher says: "I hope that customers will enjoy the short video we have created and they will wake up to the fact that standing at work is good for you and need not be a huge investment!"

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