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Stanhope Legacy: Author Writes His Way Through Grief, Releasing Compelling Series Depicting Scottish Family's Tumultuous 'New Life' in America

‘Stanhope Legacy’ is the gripping first volume of a new series that showcases the struggles, defeats and achievements of the Stanhope Clan as they leave Edinburgh to live out their own American Dream. As readers quickly realize, the journey isn’t easy and, as their wealth and status grows, so do their problems. For author Wes Davis, writing the book served as a very unique kind of therapy; releasing it shortly after losing his life partner and another close friend.


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- At times of great stress and grief, people find therapy and solace often in the most unlikely of places. For Wes Davis, putting pen to paper and letting his imagination run wild served as a bold coping strategy as his partner and close friend fought for their lives. Three years after their deaths life still wasn’t easy, but Davis turned his life into a unique new purpose by finally releasing what he had been working on – ‘Stanhope Legacy’.

This engrossing and thought-provoking novel also takes readers into a world fraught with adversity, as one Scottish family grapples with their dream new life on American soil. The society they have just slotted into is rapidly evolving, opening the floodgates to a powerful story of survival and integration.


Stanhope Legacy follows the Stanhope Clan from Edinburgh Scotland to America as they embark on a new life. The voyage was easy compared to the challenges and evil that they find in their new country. The family expands from New Jersey to Idaho; to New York and the court of St James in England as we watch three generations evolve, survive and adapt to the world as it also undergoes great changes.

Spanning some 60 years the first book in the series sets the standard for the Stanhope Family as their reach and fortune expands.

Susan Stanhope Is the Matriarch, Oliver is the Patriarch they have six children including an infant - Harold who will lead the family as it transitions to the new century. A villain emerges that tries to kill Oliver and Susan at their daughter’s wedding. Harold later encounters more treachery at his silver mine in Idaho. He is assisted by the new Governor of Idaho and the woman who will become his wife.

“I suppose the Stanhope’s story and mine cross over,” admits the author. “Like my own life, they suffered loss and the forceful requirement to rebuild their lives. However, while it is a story of overcoming struggle, it’s an uplifting reminder of the resilience of the human condition. We can all rebuild our lives from the ground up, even if it first seems impossible.”

Continuing, “For me, this project provided refuge during the darkest hours of my life. In one year I lost my partner, a close friend and another best friend spiraled off the radar into a vicious circle of mental illness. I spent hundreds of hours driving between hospitals, waiting in doctor’s offices and pacing corridors in the hope of at least some good news. However, writing was my escape. It took three years to finish the books as I dealt with my own grief and heartache, but I’m delighted to finally be bringing it to market.”

Due to the success of this first novel, Davis is already back at his writing table.

“As the synopsis suggests, this first installment simply sets the scene for what is going to be an exciting series as the Stanhopes evolve and ‘take on’ their new country. I won’t say too much else at this stage, but keep your eyes peeled for volume two very, very soon.”

In the meantime, ‘Stanhope Legacy’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1tZ0S9N.

About Wes Davis
Born in Pocatello, Idaho, Wes Davis started his culinary career as a dishwasher at the age of 14. He worked his way up to become a cook, Sous Chef and Catering Chef. While he enjoys a successful career in real estate ,Wes returned to his passion – food and writing. His first cookbook shows his humor as well as his passion for good food and fun.

Mr. Davis lives in Las Vegas Nevada and plans several more books.