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Stanley Paving Announces New and Additional Savings to Help Those Winter Beaten Pavements in Mercer County, NJ


Burlington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- Winter brings upon many joyous times with the New Year in full swing and resolutions going strong. However, the ice, snow, and plowing causes many dangers and inconveniences. This is where Stanley Paving comes into play as they are now offering additional savings of $100.00 off any paving job that is worth a $1,000.00 or more. With all the after affects due to Mother Nature, asphalt paving in Mercer County, NJ is needed.

With snow comes many annoying after effects such as cracks, potholes, and dangerous roads that could be a nightmare for drivers. It causes many problems for pavements and roadways with the freezing temperatures, salt, and truck plows hitting the pavements hard, as this all results in a damaging concoction for the roads. When it comes to their asphalt paving in Monmouth County, NJ, businesses, malls, restaurants, residential, or any commercial property can benefit from these savings. During the winter, most people tend to stay indoors, especially because of how cold it gets in the Mercer, Monmouth, and Camden County area. However, when people do venture out into the cold, drivers want to feel safe and not worry about hitting a pothole or cracks in the road causing further damage.

Asphalt paving is extremely durable and can withstand many climate changes, however with time can be natural wear and tears that occur, which is why asphalt paving in Monmouth County, NJ, is needed. When any damages occur, it is important to have a professional asphalt contractor take care of any damages caused by the winter. For businesses or homeowners who fail to get these fixed, it can lead to further damages down the road, costing more money in repairs. The professionals at Stanley Paving suggest contacting them as soon as possible for simple cracks in one’s driveway or pavement because water will seep into these cracks and freeze causing the asphalt paving to expand even further. So, for those who are looking to repair or restore their asphalt driveway or pavement this winter season, do not wait any longer for asphalt services.

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At Stanley Paving, their contractors are experienced in all types of paving services, no matter what the scale of the project may be. For the past 57 years they have been able to provide commercial and residential property owners in the Delaware Valley region with the highest quality products. With a thorough diagnosis of the area that needs work, Stanley Paving can provide the most reasonable suggestions to ensure properties are protected. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled service in the paving industry that client’s value and trust.

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