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Stanley Paving Repairs Freeze and Thaw Damage on Commercial Pavement


Burlington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- Winter can take a heavy toll on asphalt. The freeze and thaw cycle causes damage to the parking lots and roadways over the course of the colder months. When businesses need parking lot maintenance in Northeast Philadelphia, they turn to the reliable professionals at Stanley Paving. With over 57 years of experience, the company is able to take on jobs of any size. Stanley Paving understands that a well-maintained parking lot and driveway is essential for any business, and they are proud to offer personalized service and affordable prices.

The main cause of damage to parking lots and other asphalt surfaces during the winter is the result of the freeze and thaw. During the day, rain and melted snow seep into cracks in the pavement. At night, it freezes, but since water expands when frozen, it pushes the pavement further apart. As this process repeats, it can eventually create large cracks and potholes in the asphalt, which can then become a dangerous nuisance for vehicles. If left unrepaired, the damage will continue to get worse, until it becomes more costly to repair.

Stanley Paving provides commercial blacktop repair and seal coating for a variety of properties including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and private roads. After carefully surveying the site, the crew members use state-of-the-art equipment to expertly repair a site's parking lots and roadways.

Owners of commercial properties who need to repair their asphalt after the damage caused by the freeze and thaw of winter and is looking for driveway paving companies is encouraged to contact Stanley Paving. For a free estimate, call 866-938-6736.

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With three generations of pavers, Stanley Paving has assisted the Delaware Valley for over 57 years, valuing their commitment to service and expertise. To the Stanley Paving crew, no job is ever too small or too big, whether it be commercial, residential, or municipal, they get it done promptly. Their equipment and experienced paving crew provides the best service in the area.

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