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Stanley Paving Rescues Vehicles from Potholes Accrued over Winter


Burlington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2017 -- Now that winter has transitioned into spring and all the snow has finally melted, the abundance of potholes are being revealed all over roadways across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The freeze/thaw cycle over the past drab months has eaten away at asphalt, forcing small cracks to become larger. When rainwater or thawed snow seeps into these miniscule aberrations and freezes, the act of water turning to ice increases its size about 9.86%. This forces the asphalt apart, creating larger cracks and potholes. Stanley Paving, one of the elite driveway paving companies in the area, specializes in treating weathered pavement like this. Instead of ruining car tires, it is a good idea to get those patched right away.

By patching or covering over holes of any size, the asphalt in question can be salvaged before it is irreparable. Another winter like that, and it could be a possibility. Instead of waiting for the worst, it is better to take care of a forming crack or pothole before it becomes a bigger problem. Preserve the life expectancy of any asphalt surface by sealcoating or by filling in any clear holes, larger cracks, or accrued damage from winter.

The freeze/thaw cycle ensures that any smaller pothole or crack can become worse and worse throughout the colder season. That is precisely why parking lot maintenance in New Jersey is so important, among other pavement placings, such as driveways, roadways, or lots. Fill in those potholes today by contacting Stanley Paving at: 866-938-6736.

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