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Star Chiropractic and Nutrition Offers New Herniated Disc Pain Relief Option


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- Recent studies show more than 90% of patients who have a herniated disc will improve within six months after nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatments usually includes rest, followed by a slow increase in activity, medication, or exercises recommended by a doctor to reduce pain and strengthen muscles in the back. However, according to Dr. Susan Starler, there is a new treatment garnering rave reviews.

Says Dr. Starler, "We are proud to introduce one of the most amazing new machines to have been developed in the last 15 years. It’s called the DRX 9000™. The DRX 9000™ is a spinal decompression device which has revolutionized the field of spinal traction. The DRX9000™ offers patients an alternative to surgery which has proven to be over 85% effective in decreasing pain and symptoms resulting from acute or chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease."

Dr. Starler explains, "The DRX 9000 Spinal Compression in Los Angeles is a relatively new treatment, but very effective. In the past, common treatment options for spinal conditions not responding to conservative chiropractic care have usually been injections and/or surgery. The DRX9000™ spinal decompression unit provides another option, with a better, long term success rate. It works by very gently decompressing the spine in order to take the pressure off the structures (discs or nerve roots) causing the symptoms of low back pain, groin pain, leg pain, foot pain, headache pain, or pain radiating from the neck into the arms and hands or upper back."

Pain relief can be almost instantaneous in some cases, says Dr. Starler. "Before and After the DRX 9000 is like night and day for many patients. If you have pain going down your leg into your foot, if you’re having trouble walking, if you’re losing your quality and function of life, then it’s worth it. You deserve it. You owe it to yourself to give the DRX 9000™ a try."

About Star Chiropractic and Nutrition
Dr. Suzan Starler, D.C., Cert MDT, ACT Nutrition Response Testing™, Quantum Neurology™ Level 3 Intern, is a “cutting edge” holistic health care practitioner. Practicing since 1993 with such disciplines as McKenzie Therapies, Nutrition Response Testing™, and Quantum Neurology™, and utilizing such advanced therapeutic tools such as the DRX9000™ (for herniated discs and spinal stenosis), cold laser therapy and the Amega Wand, Dr. Starler treats the whole body and looks at everything pertaining to a patient’s complaints. Dr. Suzan Starler is a board licensed chiropractor practicing holistic health care from her offices in West Los Angeles and Malibu, California. Her approach offers caring “tough love” support, coupled with the knowledge and experience to work with patients so that they finally understand what is happening with their bodies, and how they can more actively support their own healing.