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Star Lanka Offering the Finest Rubellite in All Shapes, Sizes, Colours, Carrots and Price Points

Star Lanka, a celebrated gemstones supplier with both an online and offline presence, is offering a wide range of authentic Rubellite gemstone in all shapes, sizes, colours, carrots and price points.


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2018 -- Star Lanka, the leading gemstone supplier, continues to evolve each day, leaving in the wake a solid track record of reliability. Star Lanka handpicks gemstones from across the world and sells them in Thailand, Hong Kong, China and beyond through several brick and mortar outlets and an online marketplace. The streamlined sourcing and selling processes are backed by valuation skills and lapidary capabilities that the supplier has gained in over 3 decades of service. This puts Star Lanka in a position to deliver gemstones in their natural form at the best prices.

One of the executives at Star Lanka recently stated, "Star Lanka has put together a state of the art lapidary to bring excellence into gemstones reshaping, resizing and polishing endeavours. Unlike the norm, we just enhance the appeal of gemstones without altering their mineral properties. We keep mark-ups on the lower side, and back each purchase with a certificate of authenticity to ensure affordability and assurance, the two vital decision factors for gemstone buyers. With transparency being our mainstay, we provide all relevant information on gemstones upfront – from cut, clarity, colour, shape, prices, and hardness to treatment."

Star Lanka is constantly on a sourcing spree, as its extensive inventory indicates. The gemstone supplier at any given time maintains a sizeable gemstone portfolio, including Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Black Star Sapphire, to Blue Moon, Stone Blue Star Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Cats Eye, Chalcedony, Champagne Topaz, Chocolate Moon Stone and Chrome Tourmaline. Other choices available are Bi-Colour Tourmaline, Bi-Colour Sapphire and Bi-Colour Topaz, Colour Change Garnet, Diamond, Emerald, Fibrolite Cats Eye, Fire Opal, Fluorite, Gray Moon Stone, Hessonite Garnet, Imperial Topaz, Iolite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Spinel, and Kunzite. Star Lanka keeps gemstones ex-stock to ensure speedy order fulfilment.

On the Rubelite gemstone, the executive further stated, "Rubellite is a precious gemstone with a captivating visual appeal, and proven healing capabilities. It is essentially a member of the tourmaline family that gets its name from Latin word 'RUBELLUS', meaning reddish. Rubelite is rarer than even ruby gemstones, which makes it so expensive. Besides being a jewellery staple, the gemstone is used by self-healers to keep at bay the motion sickness and recover from medical conditions related to heart and reproductive system. Rubellite's abilities in ensuring lustrous nails and promoting independent and rational thinking cannot be undermined as well."

Star Lanka is helping buyers to usher in smart looks as well as fortune with an extensive collection of Rubellite in a bevy of shapes, sizes, colours and carrots. Whether the buyer is seeking Rubellite in oval, cushion, heart, pear or round, octagon, rectangular, fancy, marquise, and baguette shape, the gemstone supplier keeps him covered. Customers wanting to shop for Rubellite stone have several colour options to choose from, ranging from tender dramatic pink to ambivalent violet and crimson red.

About Star Lanka
Since the year 1985, Star Lanka has been a gemstones supplier catering to Thailand, Hong Kong, China and beyond via an online marketplace and many brick and mortar offices. The supplier has a reputation for selling authentic, natural gemstones in all shapes, sizes, colours and price points. Whether the buyer is seeking Blue Topaz price guide or Paraiba tourmaline for sale, Star Lanka can be the winning move.

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