Star Metal Car Recyclers Providing Cash for Scrap Car Removals


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Star Metal Car Removals and Car Recyclers are a great business thriving in Melbourne. The aim of the company is both an advantage to the urban community as well as to the environment. Star Metals are involved in the buying of old used cars and recycling scrap from their salvages and other unwanted metals that are found in most areas of society. Many of the households, offices and businesses, construction and building sites, farms and factories have such equipment made out of materials that can be recycled and converted to cash quickly and easily. Some of the most common items which can be recycled and are bought by the company include the following:

Air conditioners
Aluminum cans
Metal boats
Bikes, buses and caravans
Brass, copper, lead batteries, stainless steel, steel pipes
Cars and metal car parts including batteries, truck parts
Gym equipment, lawn mowing machinery and equipment, radiators etc.

Car removal is one of the most sought after services needed in urban cities such as Melbourne. The demand for new cars is ever growing and old cars need to be replaced or sold off. Most people may not get such good deals or bargains for their cars, sometimes the condition of the car is not in working order to wage a good bargain for itself. So the company buys all such cars, irrespective of whether they start or not or whether they run or drive smoothly. The company buys cars from all brands of automobiles. Occasionally the company also buys lightweight vehicles such as motorbikes and floating vessels. The site is a great way to get Cash For Cars and provides people with the incentive to recycle.

Star Metal Car Removals Melbourne encourages people to Sell Old Cars, or if they do not want to sell them but would like some spare parts, they can buy them from The Car Removal Cash Paid service is also a great initiative for people looking to buy new cars but don’t know what to do with their existing rides. The idea of scrapping is not new but most people do not consider it an option as they feel their vehicles will only be left to rot while all the parts are taken apart and sold separately which is not the case. The entire car is salvaged and it is made sure to use and recycle as much of it as possible in each way.

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Company Name: Star Metal Recyclers
Location: 140 Bridge Rd, Keysborough Victoria 3173