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Ultra Sabers Has New Yari Extensions and Flush Mount Couplers

Extensions and couplers available in variety of different finishes


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- There are many parts that go into creating specialized Star Wars lightsabers or customized lightsabers, and Ultra Sabers’ new extension pikes and couplers are available in a variety of designs and finishes to give customers even more options. The pieces range in price from $9 to $30.

The new parts combine together to join two sabers into a staff saber. The Yari (Pike) Extensions are available in black or silver finish, and are a longer metal piece that has two female threaded ends that are MHS compatible.

The couplers are available with or without vents, and come in black or silver. Couplers are equipped with two male threaded ends that are also MHS compatible. They are also available in flush or non-flush varieties.

Finally there are Initiate v2 Couplers in two colors -- dark copper and copper -- and a Standard no sound V3 coupler. Each product has unique properties and features that are ideal for customization. Click on the link for further information on lightsaber colors.

“We are excited about the new parts and know our customers will be just as excited about the new customization options,” a company spokesperson said in a statement. For more information about Ultra Sabers’ new line of products, or to see the specific features for each of the products listed above, visit their website at ultrasabers.com.

About Ultra Sabers
Ultra Sabers makes customized light-sabers, and offers light-saber parts that can be combined to create infinite customization options. Their blades are available in many different colors and are durable enough to fight other saber wielding opponents or friends. Click on the link for more detail on a lightsaber replica. Ultra Sabers is known for their warranties, quality, variety and dedication to customer service.