Starseed Technologies Unveils New Webinar Series

Synergy: Oneness of the Elements to talk about innovation, education and inspiration


Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Starseed Technologies has unveiled its webinar series "Synergy: Oneness of the Elements", which will have a lot in store for those who are interested in learning about what we can do now to secure a better future. Attendees can learn about free energy and how it will change the world. It is a five part series that will cover several important areas of technology, innovation, education and inspiration. Attendees may participate in any of the webinars or the entire series.

Starseed International has always remained committed to causes such as ending hunger, living in harmony with the planet, and conserving wildlife. Overall, they believe in creating and cultivating a healthy society that will ensure the survival of generations to come. Starseed International works with several partners, groups and individuals to help their message reach more of the population.

Founder of Starseed International, Mr. Jonah Bolt will be speaking to the trailblazers in their respective fields. These conversations will lead to engaging discussions about what we have the ability to do right now to create the paradigm shift we need so much. Here is an opportunity for people to become insiders and supporters for the latest education, innovation and inspiration. They can do that by simply registering for the webinar.

The five part series will deal with important subjects like Quantum Physics, Science, Technology and Energy. Participants will learn more about the latest energy solutions, technological advancements and scientific discoveries from the biggest names in the world of science. Thus, there is a lot in store for those interested in these webinars.

Series 1 – Fire, will bring together names like Dan Winter, Dave Parker, David Sereda and Sterling Alan. The talk will be on free energy party, new energy systems and more. Series 2 – Earth will focus on Sacred Geometry in the presence of Phil Gruber, Charles Gilchrist and Laura Eisenhower. Series 3 – Air will have Alan Steinfeld talking about the field of breath and life force.

Water Series 4 on Info and Memory will bring the experience of Glen Rein, PhD to the forefront while Ether Series 5 features Adam Apollo, an expert in Quantum Vacuum. Many more speakers are to be announced soon. Clearly, there is a lot to be gained from the comprehensive webinars announced by Starseed Technologies.

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"Synergy: Oneness of the Elements" from Starseed International is a five part, webinar series that has been specially designed to help us understand our power in creating a better world.

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