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Start-Stop Educations Clinicians on How to Pair Hardware with Medical Dictation Software


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- When it comes to medical dictation software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is leading the way. This sophisticated piece of software has quickly become an industry favorite among clinicians and many other types of healthcare workers because of how efficient it is and how well it works as a whole.

Start-Stop (HTH Engineering) provides clinicians with detailed information on how to pair hardware with the medical dictation software they sell for a perfect combination. This software can be used for professional transcriptions with BlackBerry phones as well as iPhones, computers, and EMR/HER devices.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has the ability to increase practice volume by helping clinicians to work faster and more accurately so as to reduce the amount of time they spend on documentation. This software uses voice recognition to make using an EMR/EHR much easier and less stressful for clinicians, because they no longer have to worry about their hands getting tired from typing so much all day. While it is true that these devices already save time, Start-Stop’s software supplements their efficiency for even easier use.

This software is also capable of accelerating EHR adoption, allowing clinicians to dictate a number of different things as they go through their day and interact with patients, including a review of their symptoms and treatment plans.

The quality of a clinician’s documentation is certainly important for a number of different reasons, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is extremely efficient and effective when it comes to significantly improving it. Any good clinician needs to have accurate records of their patients to determine treatment plans and for future reference, which is why this software can be such a help.

The fact that this medical dictation software can be used with so many different devices, both computers and mobile devices, is one of the things that makes it so convenient and great to use. Clinicians can be very busy people and often have to end up staying late at work to catch up on their documentation, but with this software that is becoming a thing of the past.

With its sheer efficiency and advanced features, more and more clinicians have been discovering how much easier their lives are when using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. While it is true that this software does require some learning and adjusting, it is one of the best productivity tools that a clinician of any kind can have.

About Start-Stop
Start-Stop is HTH Engineering’s online hub for dictation and transcription technology. HTH Engineering provides advanced technology for business and medical professions through dictation solutions and automated workflow. HTH Engineering is an official partner of Olympus, Philips, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition products, providing everything dictation and transcription a professional needs to get the job done.

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