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Start-Stop Offers Dictation Bundles for Clinicians to Use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- Most professionals working in the medical field have at the very least heard of Dragon software, even if they haven’t tried it for themselves. The latest offering from Dragon just happens to be Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 , which is quite an impressive piece of software.

It has an amazing capacity to understand accents, avoiding mistakes in dictation and can even understand complex medical terminology. It is extremely accurate and is helping healthcare professionals around the country to cut the costs associated with hiring professional transcription services.

One of those major reasons to try the software, for a limited time, Start-Stop is offering special “bundles” for those who purchase the new Dragon software. Bundles are great deals; they typically contain the Dragon software and other items that a medical professional is likely to need while using the software.

The bundles help buyers to save quite a bit of money since their total price is always cheaper than if the buyer had gone out and purchased each item in the bundles individually.

Items that the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software may be bundled with, depending on the package chosen, include:

- Digital dictation recorders
- Transcription kits
- Full-service transcription systems
- Pocket memo devices
- Foot pedal transcription devices
- Smartphone apps, devices, and extras

It is important to note that many of these pieces of equipment are necessary for those professionals who, thanks to Dragon, are saying good-bye to expensive professional transcription and hello to do-it-yourself transcription. With Dragon, transcription is made quite easy, but using the other equipment can take a little time and effort. However, most Dragon buyers agree that putting in a little time is a lot better than spending a lot of money on transcription costs.

About Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
Individuals who wish to give Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 a try, whether on its own or in conjunction with other great extras, are invited to call and speak with a sales engineer. These knowledgeable, friendly professionals know the ins and outs of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and have used it themselves in the past. Therefore, they can always answer questions or address concerns that clients or potential clients might have about the software.

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