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Start-Stop Provides Free Webinars on How to Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- Those who need software that can effectively help them to dictate in a fast and natural way into their EMR/HER will find that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a viable solution. The software is cutting edge and works with every Windows operating system from XP to 8. For many people in the medical field, time is precious. If you cannot afford to waste any time and want to work more efficiently, Stop-Start can provide an effective solution.

Stop-Start offers free webinars which explain in detail how to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 , so everyone who views it online can learn everything they need to know before getting started. While this software may seem intimidating at first because it is so incredibly advanced and sophisticated, the webinars that Stop-Start provides are definitely worth watching, especially for people who need to learn quickly.

These webinars take the viewers through the process of using the software step by step so there is no confusion whatsoever about what is going on or using different functionality.

Each webinar covers a different topic, such as unique workplace scenarios or live demonstrations as well as new features that customers should know about. Watching a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 webinar can be highly beneficial in a number of ways: getting medical professionals started, perfecting skills, using the software to save time and more.

These webinars can last anywhere from 20 minutes to nearly an hour and cover a wide range of topics related to this software. Those who have purchased this product and want to learn all they can to get the most out of it will certainly want to consider watching these webinars.

Some webinars that teach people how to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 cover things like how to increase one’s workflow speed along with smaller things like how to set up profiles. While it is true that there is technical support available to anyone who purchases this product, these webinars are an excellent alternative that is easier and simpler for most people to understand.

This software is incredibly advanced and effective for those who work in the medical field and need a good transcription tool, but it can be tricky for certain people who have never used it before and need some help getting started.

About Start-Stop
Start-Stop is HTH Engineering’s online hub for dictation and transcription technology. HTH Engineering provides advanced technology for business and medical professions through dictation solutions and automated workflow. HTH Engineering is an official partner of Olympus, Philips, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition products, providing everything dictation and transcription a professional needs to get the job done.

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