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Start-Stop Provides Most Advanced Medical Dictation Software


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has just been released and is ready for use. The new and improved version of the famed Dragon software now allows medical professionals to dictate up to 160 words per minute with 99% accuracy. Not only can the program understand “normal” words, but it’s also well-versed on even the newest medical terminology. It understands pharmaceutical terms, anatomical words, medical terms, and proper names too.

The software is “smart” software in that it quickly adapts to the person or persons using it. After a few uses, the program begins to understand and differentiate between accents and certain characteristic inflections in speech.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is 100% compatible with almost all EMR/EHRs and works on any Windows operating system from XP to 8. That means that, for most medical professionals who want to start using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, there’s no need to buy new equipment or upgrade current equipment.

Studies of people who use the software regularly have found that users tend to save at least a half hour per day just by relying on Dragon for dictation. What’s even more impressive is the money they save (often as much as $1000 per month) on average from not having to hire and pay for other professional medical transcription capabilities.

There’s a reason that over 180,000 medical professionals are already using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. That reason is because it just plain works. It’s already in use in clinics, private practices, hospitals, specialist offices, and more. In fact, in the future, it’s speculated that Dragon software or other software like it will have fully replaced expensive transcriptionists.

About Dragon Medical Software
Dragon Medical software is the answer to any burdens that clinicians are experiencing within their practice regarding transcription. Using top-notch software designed for clinicians is the way of the future.

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