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Start-Up Security Guard Company guardNOW Has Improved Security Services Using Technology


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Los Angeles based security start-up guardNOW is working to improve the way security services are delivered across the nation. With the use of its online web app technology, its identification scanning technology, mass mobile communications and an indoor positioning system for large commercial buildings-guardNOW believes that it is positioning itself as one of the nation's most innovative and fastest growing security guard service companies in the nation.

Mike Kator, the company's senior executive and Chief Operations Officer, brought over twenty-five years of security management to the company when he joined in 2011. "What attracted me to the company was their strategic objectives on how they were using technology to do things differently, the improvements were better than any other security services company that I had seen."

According to the company's website, improvements have been made from the booking process to the service delivery of its guards. Guards who, according to its website consists of licensed and insured former members of the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies. guardNOW is also an employer partner of the Hire Our Heroes program committing to employ former members of the U.S. military and armed guard services.

"Our first goal was to streamline the buying and booking process while making it transparent just as you would purchase an item from Amazon, so we developed the online web app. Second, we looked for existing technology that could improve client/guard communications and event attendee safety."

Los Angeles resident and hip-hop recording artist J.Marquis uses the guardNOW security service to guard his Beverly Hills home while he away on tour and during company produced concerts. "I've always found it to be easy to use, they have made booking my venue security as simple as buying a pair of shoes online."

guardNOW has a client list that has serviced several celebrities, high-profile corporate executives and attorneys as personal bodyguards and residential guards for homes, private events and estates; including socialite Kim Kardashian and pop-singer Mel B.

guardNOW began in 2010 as the nation's first security guard company that allowed consumers and businesses to book and order security guards online through the website. Developer, Rudy Ney stated, "We decided to go with a web app, as opposed to a mobile app, this way our clients would not have to worry about downloading an app onto the phone. To offer greater convenience we figured the web app would be easier to access. Competitors such as Y-Combinator graduate Bannerman have also recently introduced themselves to the market. One difference is Bannerman's crowdsourced sharing economy of its security service, as according to their terms of service-guards are not trained employees-but independent contractors. Which have made quite a few businesses wary of hiring the Bannerman service. In a statement regarding Bannerman, Kator said, "It is important that guards receive ongoing training, as situations change, social conditions change and technology changes, having your security team as employed staff allows you to require them to improve themselves, thereby improving the quality of service they can deliver on an ongoing basis."

About guardNOW
guardNOW is a full service security guard company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Guard NOW provides individuals and businesses throughout the nation with short term and long term security guard services.

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