Josh Chang Urges Caution After Increases in Amateur Recordings of Employment Disputes


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Star Transcription, the UK’s leading audio transcription company, is urging people to think carefully before recording audio to be used during employment tribunals or family law proceedings in the UK, as the material may be inadmissible.

Recently, Star Transcription has noted a dramatic increase in the amount of audio transcription coming from individual people recording material for use in legal proceedings, on their own initiative. The ease of taking lengthy audio recordings on smartphones has led to people recording disciplinary interviews, arguments with spouses and meetings with colleagues, with a view to using these as evidence if the matter escalates to a tribunal or court.

Managing Director of Star Transcription, Dr Adrian Smith, commented: “We’ve seen a very sharp rise in this type of audio transcription work, but people need to be careful. Done properly and with legal due process, a transcript of meetings can be very helpful in legal proceedings, but if due process is not followed then people run major risks. At best the transcript may be simply inadmissible, and at worst people may be committing an offense if the secretly record people.”

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