Startup 24SEVEN Brings Confidence to the World


Antwerp, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- Belgian based startup 24SEVEN launched their 24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads on Indiegogo crowdfunding. This little wonder is an answer to a problem many people experience on a daily basis. While existing deodorants cover up the issue for a short time, the 24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads have proven to go a step further. They are build to give confidence.

24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads is a 100% natural, highly absorbing (850 times it’s own weight), skin-colored, breathing and antibacterial pad is slated to hit the market. 24SEVEN Dry Armpit pads is an antiperspirant deodorant available in effective pad form. Male and female users apply the sweat and odor-absorbing patch under their armpits, and confidentially go about their busy lives. 24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads borrows some of the best aspects from nature and uses a revolutionary wonder material to deliver odor-free dryness.

One of the founders, chemist Giovanni, discovered a 100% natural herbal mixture when he lived in Brazil. When he returned to Belgium, he teamed up with Ulgar Bilican and founded 24SEVEN. The two went to work perfecting the formula, and making it available in the marketplace.

They continued improving the formula, so that it not only provided long lasting odor elimination; but would keep armpits 100% dry and shirts clean.

Throughout their 3 years of testing the team perfectionized the product and achieved amazing test results which proven the product to neutralize odor for 48hrs in a row.

The team went to work to develop a marketable, highly effective product that could be used daily and provide confident dryness to men and women, while preventing clothes-damaging wetness and odor. That's when they realized the benefits of adding a highly absorbent wonder material that could deliver the formula in pad form. This antibacterial netting material is 100% natural, reduces sweat by 90% and neutralizes odor.

Traditional products
Aluminum, paraben and other ingredients found in traditional anti-perspirants & deodorants are not only potentially toxic, they are known to fall short of their claims and to contribute to the development of tumors, chemical sensitivities, Alzheimer's, breast cancer and more.

The success of this campaign will help fund the large-scale production of the unisex dry armpit pads, providing a safe alternative to the masses.

The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of $10,000 is currently active and runs through August 9th, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign can be found at:

Media Contact:
Giovanni GJL Brees
+1 646 583 1716