Startup Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2013 -- Drop shipping may not sound like one of the perfect startup business ideas , but in actuality it is a great one for the entrepreneur who does not want to be directly involved.

In drop shipping, there is no need to buy stock.  The supplier sends the stock directly to the customer.

“All of the details come through the entrepreneur,” said Sandy McQueen of

Knowing there is no need for large stock amounts or a staff to keep up with the products is a huge advantage over much of the other programs available.  One can also pick products as they arrive, keeping up with the latest trends and fads.

“Large stock and inventory becomes a pain and can be very difficult to manage.  Start small and then work up to a larger stock amount.  This is only one of the many facets of success in drop shipping,” said McQueen.

Maintaining stock and keeping up with the customer are paramount to this business, but there is nothing about it that is overly difficult.

“There is a bit more to doing this correctly, such as delivery, supplies and sites that have excellent options.  Before taking the plunge, read up on the possibilities,” said McQueen.

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