Startup Business Ideas for the Seasoned Entrepreneur


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Startup business ideas like drop shipping are the perfect way to work from home because there is no purchasing of products beforehand.

“Customers order from a catalog or website, and all of the processing and payments you do,” said Sandy McQueen of

For many who want to work from home, this is an ideal way to do it with very little overhead and upfront cost.  The lack of a large personal inventory is another positive aspect.

“This way you don’t have inventory cluttering your home or storage facility.  All you do is process orders with shipping labels and the like,” said McQueen.

Being able to find products immediately from a catalog means new and hot fads and trends are immediately available to you.

“There are some real drawbacks to drop shipping.  If there seems to be more negative than positive, you may not want to invest time in this business,” said McQueen.

McQueen refers to two main things: customer service and product knowledge.

Customer service can be difficult because you are only a cog in the wheel.  If a customer is not happy, there is no way for them to contact the company; they call you.  This can become difficult on days when the company may be closed.

Since you are not directly involved with the product, there is no way to know the value or quality unless you buy one for yourself.  Some products may not be to your personal taste, so this makes supporting the product much more difficult.

“If a customer asks about a product, you may not be able to help them as much as you will like.  This may cost you a sale,” said McQueen.

This does not mean drop shipping is not worth a look.  It is a great way to earn additional income.

McQueen has a full page dedicated to drop shipping.  There is a wealth of information found there.  To learn more about it and to see what she has to say, go here and read.  Those who have an interest in startup business ideas for beginners or would like to learn more about other aspects of McQueen’s blog should visit her website at

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