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Startup Kills Plastic Cards


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Unlike many "wallet" apps that merely scan existing plastic cards, CardsApp enables merchants to actually create a digital loyalty card online, instead of printing expensive plastic cards, thus cutting loyalty program expenses by a staggering average of 73%. Needless to say, this allows merchants to cut loyalty programs subscription price and more importantly, focus on customers, rather than on cumbersome plastic cards logistics. Converting plastic cards to digital CardsApp cards also contributes to a greener, plastic-pollution free brand.

There's even more to it: while most marketers tend to use conventional advertising platforms such as Google AdSense or Facebook Ads, CardsApp manages to challenge these giants with an innovative marketing technology, which is actually beneficial for both customers and merchants. CardsApp allows merchants to send updates, sales and coupons to customers in a form of push notifications (just like the recently acquired "WhatsApp"). When a customer reads an update, he gets rewarded with loyalty points. Earning loyalty points simply for reading an update is a great incentive that will eventually drive consumers to merchants' stores.

CardsApp is available for free on major platforms (Android, iPhone & Windows Phone 8), with numerous merchants already making use of the platform and more than 1 million cards stored in users' wallets, that’s 1 million less plastic cards printed. CardsApp is currently partnering and conducting integration trials with global retailers and brands.

To learn more about CardsApp, please visit http://www.cardsapp.com.

About CardsApp
CardsApp provides a digital alternative to plastic loyalty cards. Since 2012, CardsApp has dramatically reduced the use of harmful plastic around the world. CardsApp strives to help consumers and merchants go greener than ever. For more information on CardsApp, please visit http://www.cardsapp.com.