Startup Nation Drops Another Bombshell, SIMULDATE Launches Unique Method to Improve Skills for Dating


Nir Zevi, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- About 20 years ago, online dating was presented as the solution for everyone who had problems finding a date. Suddenly the world got smaller and people got the opportunity to choose from thousands of potential partners to date. This development brought a more clinical approach to dating, and with the new opportunities that came, the interpersonal skills went. On one end, after a slow start the databases filled with millions of singles looking for a partner. Sadly, on the other end, there was not a big flow of people leaving the database because they found that partner. This is where simulation comes in.

Simulation is the most efficient way to improve performance in complex situations. Nasa uses simulation to prepare astronauts to go into space, medical students use simulation to learn how to perform the most complex surgeries and pilots use it to learn how to fly a one billion dollar plane. The way to use simulation is through practice and feedback. When it would be a common thing to meet again after your date, people could evaluate what went wrong and improve their confidence and self awareness, people would be a lot more successful on dates and other interpersonal situations.

The solution for people who keep roaming around on dating sites, unable to connect to someone, is using simulation to improve their performance and self awareness. Finally there is a possibility to evaluate your own behavior on a date, and receive honest and helpful feedback. Simuldate provides the technique and coaching to improve yourself dramatically. Customers can sign up for Simuldate, go into a dating simulation with one of the many coaches, and will receive feedback afterwards. The combination of feedback and a video of their own performance during the date, will give the clients the opportunity to learn from their own behavior.

By making dating simulation simpler, cheaper and more accessible using a platform based on mass availability, Simuldate brings the solution for everybody who is having trouble finding a partner on a dating site. No longer is the method of simulation only available for astronauts and pilots, but also for everyday people looking for a partner to share their life with.

About Simuldate
Straight from startup nation Israel, Simuldate is the first company in the world that offers simulation for dating with mass availability. Through online simulation with a dating coach, people can improve their success on dates dramatically. On their website customers have the possibility to choose a dating coach, and start the simulation within a few minutes. In the end everyone should be able to have a nice date and find someone to have fun with

Media contact
Jesse Huisman
Nir Zevi, Israel