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Startup Software Company -SDR- Stays Competitive with Their New QR Code Generator Up for Free


Eugene, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- With the advent of smartphones and its meteoric rise ahead of its cousins – desktops and tablets – SDR took the opportunity to release its own QR Code generator which is useful for developers and those who use a lot of their modern phone features for marketing efforts.

Quick Tour into QR Codes' History

QR Codes were first developed in Japan by then Toyota owned - Denso Wave, and intended for the use of the automotive industry.

These modified and trademark matrix-type barcode was meant to easily track vehicles during the manufacturing process and allow high-speed scanning to locate parts in seconds and do necessary actions as guided. QR even stands for quick response to show such capability.

From its humble beginnings in Denso Corporation (now famed auto and truck parts manufacturer with focus on motosports), QR Codes became household names and frequently used even outside this industry.

Today, one can find QR Codes flying about in flyers, newspapers, TV shows and even social media.

In commercial advertising, smartphones are used as scanners while QR Codes contain URLs that will redirect once processed. This is especially helpful for people who don't have anymore time to browse into the right URL say for example a certain company or product.

With its widespread use, all major platforms have adapted into it and made it available into their mobile operating systems. QR codes can also be used in shopping, banking, encryption and even website login.

Some creative generators even allow production of edited versions of these codes with intended names, images or logos of company in it as an added appeal for marketing. For companies or even simple individuals who want to impress, they can easily generate their own QR Codes through SDR's free QR  Code Generator.

This can double as  quick marketing channel or alternative business card and resume as the generator allows contact info, phone number and even a simple SMS to be included inside the code aside from the usual web URL.

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