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Startup: The Reviews Are In! Business Thriller Novel Achieves Critical Acclaim; Exposing Silicon Valley's Real-World Greed

Masterfully crafted by executive author, Glenn Ogura, ‘Startup’ is making waves around the world for its unique way of fusing fact with fiction to expose the greed and deceit of Silicon Valley. Kirkus Reviews compared the novel to the works of John Grisham, while Pacific Book Reviews hailed it as “the first of many Ogura bestsellers”. It’s easy to see why; the book’s narrative pays homage to the thousands of young entrepreneurs who have had their idealistic dreams crushed by the Valley’s inescapable corruption.


Nashua, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- When Glenn Ogura first released ‘Startup’, many in the general public were somewhat blind to Silicon Valley’s vicious circles of dishonesty, corruption and at-all-costs characters. However, with movies such as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Social Network’ catching the world’s attention, the Valley now has a reputation of cut-throat deception. This has worked in Ogura’s favor – as his novel has attracted a consistent string of high-profile and celebrated reviews.

The story focuses on Zack, whose character is a microcosm of the thousands of young people landing in California to find their fortune and influence. Like anything in life; it isn’t quite that easy or sometimes even possible at all.


Young idealist Zack Penny usually gets to work early to take in the surroundings and breathe in the crisp, mechanically filtered air, knowing that one day his own company will be very different from Display Technik. As he follows the vision of his highly successful, results-at-all-costs mentor and C.E.O. Allen Henley, Zack quietly nurtures a big dream-to create a new company of high morals and values, one that will revolutionize the world through the creation of wallpaper-thin displays to completely surround a viewer. That dream is set into motion one morning when he realizes an important paper has been taken from his office. Moments later, Zack learns someone has turned him in.

After his boss, who also happens to be the father of his girlfriend, Mary Anne, gives him one last chance to pledge his loyalty, Zack resigns. Determined to realize his vision, he soon steps into his new facility with high hopes and no idea that Henley has already put a plan into action with the intent of systematically destroying Zack, his perfect company, and, most of all, the relationship between Zack and Mary Anne, who is unwittingly caught in the cross-fire. In this fast-paced thriller, a young entrepreneur faces moral dilemmas in Silicon Valley, a place where the inner working of the legal system favors the aggressor.

Critics have flooded in their droves to praise Ogura and his ability to turn personal experience into a searing fictional exposé’.

Midwest Book Review comments, “…author Glenn Ogura demonstrates a rich woven and adroitly capable storytelling talent …. engage the readers total attention from beginning to end. Very highly recommended. STARTUP would prove an enduringly popular addition to personal reading lists and community library collections.”

Create with Joy adds, “ … the hype surrounding new author Glenn Ogura is right on the mark. If you love action-packed thrillers whose plot and characters are drawn from real-life situations that you could easily imagine yourself in – if you love fast-paced fiction that will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night – you will want to add STARTUP by Glenn Ogura to your list of must-read books!”

The Halifax Reader believes that the novel perfectly slots into the current popularity of entertainment focusing on the world of business. They write, “… at the edge of my seat-frantically turning pages throughout. STARTUP is a true page turner …appeal to fans of television shows such as THE GOOD WIFE.”

Ogura is delighted with his success. “You don’t really see too many books that focus on the greed within US business; particularly told from a fictional character’s point of view. The story itself straddles non-fiction, as everything contained within it has been encountered by me within Silicon Valley itself. I’m delighted that critics are seeing its value!” he explains.

To find out more about the novel, read further reviews and contact the author, visit: http://www.glennogura.com.

‘Startup’, published by iUniverse, is available now: http://amzn.to/Wsxw4u.

About the Author
Glenn Ogura earned a degree in electrical engineering from Queen’s University in Canada. He is currently the executive vice-president for a New Hampshire-based laser micromachining company. Glenn lives with his wife in California. He loves watching football. He is an avid New England Patriots fan. Asides from his love of writing, talking technology and the study of business ethics, he plays tennis. Startup is his first novel.