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Stat Names Release Website SEO Analyzer to Simplify and Streamline Online Advertising Campaign Research for Webmasters


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- The world of SEO is constantly evolving and at a much more aggressive pace than perhaps any other industry. With such mercurial waters to swim in it is no surprise that many SEO masters are looking for software solutions that will give them the edge in collating data to inform their strategies. Stat Names has created a domain analysis tool that will do exactly that and much more besides, threatening to change the game in modern SEO.

Stat Names has already analyzed over two million domains and that number is growing every day. In order to take advantage of the service users need simply enter the URL of their choice into the central bar on the home page and get started by hitting enter. The site will then give all the freely available information to the user along with premium options.

The site also offers insight into domain names, ccTLD, AdSense and analytics, countries and providers to give the most complete and thorough analysis available on the web, allowing those looking to start their own online venture or revolutionize an existing one to find all the knowledge that will give them the power to change for the better.

A spokesperson for Stat Names explained, “Stat Names is the best way to get every piece of information SEO experts might be looking for no matter what stage in the process they begin to use it. Stat Names provides insights on domain name, hosting companies, categories of websites, language, title, description, Google PR, Alexa rank and number of pages to detailed content types, server location and visitors info, AdSense & Analytics ID Lookup, and much more. It really does provide the complete package and can be as effective in analyzing the competition as it can be in strengthening internal campaigns. We have also produced a useful breakdown of the top nameservers which can be very useful when deciding on a hosting company.”

About Stat Names
Stat Names online service welcomes various site and domain tests, produces amazing error and warning reports and cooperates with SEO masters to give them a solid reason to feel that they can own, plan to purchase or try to refine the website of their dreams. For more information, please visit: