Republicans Take Two of the Top Three Spots in State Assembly Race

The 79th District is 43% Democrat and 29% Republican, but that did not stop the Republican Party. The two Republicans Matt Mendoza and Mary England take two of the top three spots in the 79th District California State Assembly Race. Shirley Weber was the only Democrat who made it in the top three. Matt Mendoza is an Conservative who is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2012 -- Two Republicans make it to the top three spots in the 79th State Assembly race. Mary England came in a close second with 29% of the vote and Matt Mendoza came in third with 13% of the vote. This must have been rather surprising to Local Political Analyst John Dadian, who was quoted in a May 25th article in the Mission Times Courier stating “It’s a strong possibility that a Republican could be the odd man out”. The title of the article was “79th District May Be a Race Between Democrats”, which was written by Michael Stetz. What’s even more astonishing is that Mendoza was a true grass roots organization with very little money; his campaign only spent $5820.00. The Democrat Rudy Ramirez spent $140,408.06 for his campaign, and Pat Washington spent $ 30,950.68 for her campaign and Sid Voorakkara spent $188,324.42 and all of them came in behind Mendoza.

However, to Matt Mendoza it was no surprise; he stated “I believe we will start to see some amazing changes in the upcoming elections” Mendoza added, “The people of San Diego are fed up with the unemployment, poor economy, and high taxes”. The citizens now have an opportunity before November’s election to carefully consider which leaders, no matter what party affiliation they are, that can lead us out of this financial train wreck we are currently in. To look at the individual, and see if they have the experience and leadership to do the right thing for the people of California and not the Special interest groups.

California has been prominently democratically run for years and this is where it has gotten us. It is time to give Republicans a chance in cleaning this mess up. Republicans have had a bad rap about not being for the people, and only for businesses. The truth is Republicans are the party for the people. Republicans know you have to let the business be successful, so they have the funds to hire new people and grow their business. The more new jobs are created, the more the citizens will have money to turn around and put back into the economy.

Republicans are also for fewer taxes, so the citizens can keep more of their hard earned money. Mendoza states “we need our leaders to cut spending, and no that doesn’t mean Teaching jobs, Police Officers, or Firefighter jobs. What it does mean is when our leaders need to have a meeting; they do not need to fly to Hawaii to have it. They can just as easy have it locally at a school house or local hotel conference room and save tens of thousands of tax payers’ dollars. Cuts can also happen, by our government just being more frugal, we do not need to pay $50.00 for a hammer. This is just a few frivolous examples. But the list goes on and on. We pay enough taxes; we just need to have a budget, which puts the money in the right places. Now is the time for the people of San Diego to seriously consider changing parties in time to vote in the November election”. Mendoza states “it will improve your living conditions”

Matt Mendoza will continue to fight for the people of San Diego, keep checking in on his website to see what’s next for Mendoza at http://www.MattMendoza.US

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