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State of Mind: Compelling New Book of Poetry Leads Readers Through Hills & Valleys of Life

Written by Donald Easton-Brooks and inspired by the ups and downs of his own life, ‘State of Mind: A Journey Through the Hills and Valleys of Life’ inspires personal perseverance in any reader willing to accept its message. By recounting the author’s struggle from poverty to earning a Doctorate degree, bold words of hope flow from each and every page.


La Grande, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- While everyone has their own personal definition of success, encountering adversity along the way is a part of life. However, a powerful new book of poetry by Donald Easton-Brooks brings these ups and downs under the spotlight, to prove that triumph can always prevail.

‘State of Mind: A Journey Through the Hills and Valleys of Life’ is as engrossing as it is important.

The book is a collection of thoughts and poems that reflect the hills and valleys of life. The book is a collection of thoughts and poems the author wrote from junior high school to adulthood.

From a young age, the author used poem as a way to cope with life and the challenges it presented to him as he grew.

The book represents challenges to find love, with God, with society, with past demons, and with self.

As the author explains, the thoughts and feelings in his work showcase a lifetime of never giving up.

“I’ve been writing poetry for virtually my entire life, each represents a reflection of what struggles I fought at the time, and how I approached them. The works literally serve as a chronology of my personal development and it’s possible to watch both my maturity and outlook develop with each turn of a page,” says Easton-Brooks who, despite growing up in poverty, has worked diligently to earn a Doctorate.

Continuing, “We all need some help during times of distress. I was often alone through losing my mother, dealing with a difficult fatherly relationship and when trying to bring God into my life. I hope my reflections can bring others the solace they desire.”

Since its release, the book has garnered rave reviews. For example, one reader comments, “This is a masterfully written poem collection that will leave you contemplating the future of our world and how to survive and thrive in the conditions of suffering and despair. I look forward to reading more from this author and further poem collections that will inspire personal perseverance.”

‘State of Mind: A Journey Through the Hills and Valleys of Life’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1iftHsS.

Back Cover Text
Donald Easton-Brooks Ph.D. wrote this book as a way to help him cope with the challenges of his life. As a teenager he used poetry as a way to mentally survive the challenges of losing his mother, difficulties with his father, relationships, and in understanding God. Poetry kept him sane when life was the most challenging and most joyful. The words in this book helped him understand himself and the life presented to him. By sharing this book, he hopes is that the words in it can help others make it through their own hills and valleys.

About Donald Easton-Brooks Ph.D.
The author lives in Oregon.