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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2016 -- Injuries and pain are a part of daily living. While some injuries do heal and no longer hurt, some injuries have lingering pain that may last for decades. Physical therapy helps bring people relief via prevention, healing and cure of injuries of all types.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center uses state-of-the-art therapies and techniques focusing on returning the patient to a regular lifestyle in the shortest possible time.

For some, a pain free life may never be possible, but Joe Simon and his team work tirelessly to help patients find ways to cope and adapt to their particular pain levels. Through a combination of muscle movement training, education and interaction, patients find themselves healed on more than the physical level.

"Our practice focuses on the entire person and not the specifics of physical therapy only. We use a combination of different methods to treat the entire body," said Joe Simon, owner of Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center.

A large number of the patients seeking treatment in the practice suffer from chronic and acute back pain. This is a specialty of the practice, although Simon and his team work with any patient.

"We routinely have athletes of all levels from recreational to professional coming in seeking help with back pain. Back pain does not know ages, level of activity or work environment. There are people coming in for relief from bending over to pick up a sock on the floor," said Simon.

Simon receives patients from physician referrals. Some may walk in, but this is not a wise decision until seeing a primary care physician for an initial diagnosis. Appointments can be scheduled through the physician's office.

About Joseph Simon, DPT
Joseph Simon, DPT has practiced physical therapy in the New York City metropolitan area for over 10 years. Dr. Simon was trained as a manual therapist with continuing degrees in mechanical diagnosis and therapy. Dr. Simon is one of the 2 therapists that is Redcord certified in New York City (the other is Dr. Meghan Treder, also of Manhattan Physical Therapy). He has combined his passion of fitness, sports rehabilitation, and physical therapy with his education and years of experience to achieve faster, more effective results for his clients.

About Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center
Manhattan Physical Therapy (as it is known and referred to by most) embodies a concept conceived by the owner Dr. Joseph Simon of how physical therapy and fitness should be practiced. With four specialized physical therapists on staff, Manhattan Physical Therapy goes beyond standard physical therapy by challenging their client's bodies to build core strength, flexibility, and movement in their very first session. Among services provided including therapy for sports related injuries, pregnancy & postpartum pains, back pain, and more, Manhattan Physical Therapy provides a suspension therapy rehabilitation and fitness training known as Redcord. Manhattan Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services to the Manhattan area and surrounding communities.

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