Joe Bragg Offers Instant Pre-Approval for Cheap Home Loans


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Owning a home can be incredibly expensive. But having a high-interest rate interest mortgage can make the cost of home ownership significantly more expensive. Fortunately, it is possible for Australian homeowners to get a new mortgage if they are unhappy with the financing rate or terms of their original mortgage.

A website called aims to help Australians do just that. At, visitors will learn the home loan rates offered for two different types of mortgages: traditional mortgages and refinanced mortgages.

The traditional mortgage rate is for prospective homeowners seeking to purchase a home. As the website explains, the company’s interest rate won “Mortgage of the Year 2012” and offers a bonus 0.25% rate drop after five years.

Meanwhile, the refinanced mortgage rate is slightly lower than the rate offered on traditional mortgages. A spokesperson for the company explains how the refinanced mortgage works:

“Those who are currently paying too much for a mortgage can contact us in order to seek refinancing assistance. For a limited time, we’re offering a peak performance offset package that allows current homeowners to lock into a significantly lower interest rate than what they may be currently paying.”

At the peak performance offset page on, visitors will learn that the refinanced mortgage comes with unlimited extra repayments and free redraw options, making it one of the most flexible mortgage plans available in Australia today. The minimum loan size is $100,000, an amount which aims to make it an ideal choice for Australians who are currently paying off their mortgage.

As the company’s spokesperson explains, the easiest way to learn more about any of these mortgages is to fill out a pre-approval form:

“Our website features a pre-approval form that allows visitors to easily check their borrowing power. The form can be filled out in minutes and comes with no obligations. We urge visitors to use this form to determine if they’re eligible for a home loan or for home mortgage refinancing.”

Whether seeking to refinance an existing mortgage or interested in applying for cheap home loans for the first time, wants to make home ownership as easy and affordable as possible for homeowners in Australia.

About is an Australian home mortgage website which offers mortgages for new prospective homeowners as well as current homeowners seeking to refinance a mortgage. The website features full details about the financing rates offered as well as the specific terms. The goal of is to offer the best mortgage terms to Australian homeowners. For more information, please visit: