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Statistics Suggest That Our Working Lives Detract from Happiness – Response Is Needed


Rishton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2016 -- According to a recent study on 'happiness' carried out by a London School of Economics and University of Sussex Study feelings of happiness are often significantly affected on entering the workplace. The people surveyed were asked to rate their happiness in certain situations, resulting in figures which showed that feelings of happiness on average dropped between 7% and 8% on entering work. It is thought that these negative figures are aggravated by particular features within the workpsace itself. Concepts which can contribute to a rapid fall in mood include poor furnishings and bad office design which quickly and directly affect the individual. It is in turn thought that more office environments, going forward, will be making significant efforts to address happiness through improved office design.

As an office environment often involves long periods of time sitting in the same position, this can lead to particular unhappiness when immediate aspects – such as the chair and desk being used – are inadequate for task. A number of workers each year complain about the lack of support and limited function of furniture – and an example of a company determined to address this and increase worker happiness through fine furniture design is Bevlan. A spokesperson had this to say:

"Addressing the issue of office unhappiness in particular is important. Feelings of negativity are particularly associated with environments which lack support; something we secure against with our range of ergonomic chairs and stylish designs"

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