TrafficCake Launches Public Reporting for Website Uptime


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Leading free website monitoring service, from UK technology company TrafficCake, today announced that it had rolled out a new public reporting feature to its thousands of users.

Speaking at the launch of this new feature a StatusCake spokesman said:

“Our users monitor their websites because they care about their reputation. They want to know when there is an issue with their website and deal with it quickly. But our users are also, quite rightly, proud of their websites – and if their website has excellent uptime they want to be able to show that to their customers – bragging rights if you like”

In many industries having a website that it up all the time is critical to the success of your business.

“It’s not just banks that need to show users that their website safe and reliable. Our clients include online retailers, web-hosting companies and advertising networks…it’s a Who’s Who of different businesses from around the world”

Public Reporting is seen, where reputation is everything, as an important step towards being as open and transparent with your customers as possible.

“Showing your customers that your website and service is reliable – always up, is important. It installs confidence in your users – who wants to use a website where it may crash at any time in the middle of a transaction?”

The public reporting feature allows websites to either link to a separate public page hosted by StatusCake, or they can embed the image of the status page on their website.

According to StatusCake this feature is also being used by academics, experts and analysts to track companies in their area of interest.

“We’ve seen a couple of the big city analyst boys tracking the websites of the companies they cover – if an airline website goes down at a busy time it follows that they’re going to be losing money to their competitors who’s website is up. For these guys trying to work out forecasts and earning having this info on downtime must be helping them!”

With allowing website owners to monitor an unlimited number of websites for free, the company hope that the introduction of public reporting will be another step towards making visiting websites safer and more transparent.

About TrafficCake
TrafficCake is an online marketing and analytics company based in London. The company has featured in news and industry publications for both its product as well as its market-leading application – a tool used by media buying teams and websites to determine whether the advertising they are purchasing is genuine and not fraudulent bot traffic.

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