Stay at Home Mother of Two Invents Innovative Self-Feeding Baby Spoon - Yummy Spoon

Wins ‘Best New Product of 2016’ at Nation’s Biggest Tradeshow


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- A stay at home mother of two's 'Yummy Spoon' invention was named the "Best New Product" of 2016 by ECRM and Drug Store News. An award voted on by some of the nation's largest retailers attending the ECRM tradeshow in Orlando, FL. It was selected over major brands in the baby product industry. The Yummy Spoon is the world's only self-feeding baby spoon designed to feed whole bananas, whole avocados, sweet potatoes, pureed fruits & vegetables, oatmeal and all other types of homemade baby food recipes. It works by inserting a whole food, such as an entire banana, squeezing the Yummy Spoon to puree its contents, and then squeezing it through an opening onto the bowl of the spoon.

Gina Cormier, a busy high school soccer coach and mother of two children created the Yummy Spoon to help feed her children while on-the-go. Gina was inspired to invent the Yummy Spoon after the birth of her son, Tristan. "Trying to make homemade food on-the-go was very difficult. I wanted to feed my son natural foods that I knew he liked," said Cormier. "I didn't have time to make baby food and pack it up for day trips. I thought that if I could just store a banana or avocado into a self-dispensing spoon and squeeze it onto the spoon when I was ready, then I could feed Tristan at the park or at a restaurant," said Cormier. "I wanted to make a product for moms, by moms."

About Martello, LLC
Martello, LLC, parent company of the Yummy Spoon, along with Dale Nepsa Associates, brought the Yummy Spoon to the ECRM tradeshow to showcase to baby product buyers from major retailers from the US, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom. ECRM and Drug Store News presented Martello, LLC with the "Best New Product" award for the Yummy Spoon, an award voted on by major retail buyers in attendance. "When my sister first told me about her idea, I knew we had a hit product. The Yummy Spoon is a brand new take on feeding children and changes the way parents are able to feed. I use it myself for oatmeal when I know I'm going to have a long commute in Los Angeles traffic. Imagine combining Tupperware with a spoon, but all very clean. It's pretty cool," said Paul Martello, President, Martello LLC, and Gina's brother.

Martello has a philanthropic arm called the Yummy Support Program that tugs at the heart of millennials. Through the Yummy Support Program, a portion of every Yummy Spoon sale is donated to provide nutritious meals for hungry children in the US.

The award has helped the Yummy Spoon to garner the attention of some of the nation's largest retailers. It is currently offered for sale on the company's website and at select boutique stores in Southern California.

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