Stay Interviews Help Businesses Thrive Says Humetrics

Hiring Experts Stress Importance of Regular Employee Check-Ins


Sugarland, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2016 -- Building a successful company takes hard work, dedication, and the right support system – in particular the employees who manage the day-to-day functions of the organization. But building that team takes time, and requires patience – often new companies fail to keep the talent they bring in, to their own detriment. Fortunately, there are proven steps that bosses and managers can take to ensure continued success. This topic is the basis for a recent blog posted on the Humetrics website, a company that prides itself on helping other firms reassess and reinvent the way they recruit, select, and retain frontline hourly employees. The blog emphasizes the importance of 'stay interviews,' which amount to casual conversations initiated by managers to ensure the efficiency of the company.

"We want managers to recognize that these conversations are a perfect way to check in with employees. It's truly a win-win for all involved. The employees are able to have their voices heard, the bosses receive feedback and practices that need to be adjusted – and the business benefits as a result," expressed Humetrics President Mel Kleiman. He continued, saying "The stress here is on a casual conversation, almost in passing. No need for a formal sit-down affair or scheduled time. If the right questions are asked, the stay interview will feel effortless and simply blend into the rest of the day."

Questions suitable for this stay interview format include:

- What is the one thing this company does that could be done better?
- Is there anything you need in order to do your job better?
- What is the biggest problem you encounter on a regular basis?
- Are there any parts of this company that you would change, and how?

Ultimately, the questions demonstrate interest, a shared interest in the continued success of the company. They also exude a listening ear, and allow for employee feedback, which is crucial in the success of any successful business.

About Humetrics
Founded in 1976, Humetrics has been helping employers reassess and reinvent the way they recruit, select, and retain frontline hourly employees and the people who manage them for 40 years. They provide pre-employment attitude testing, keynote and breakout presentations, consulting services, and training programs built upon years of in-depth research and best practice studies of the most effective ways to recruit, hire, and retain a productive, motivated, and stable, hourly workforce.