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Stay Young and Be Sensational With Short Layered Haircuts

A fresh-look hair style will brighten up your day and elevate your confidence to a higher level. The short layered haircuts may be your option to freshen up your appearance.


Hamilton, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Season changes, days go by, every other thing around you changed so fast, and you, bright lads with dynamic, unique personality, longing for a brand new challenge to your appearance as well? Try to change your haircuts. A fresh-look hair style will brighten up your day and elevate your confidence to a higher level. The short layered haircuts may be your option to freshen up your appearance. Rihanna's short layered vibrant style; Emma Watson's fresh cute pixie cut is just a few of many various short layered haircuts you can choose.

Indeed, short layered haircuts could be the best decision you'll make this season. It can make you look younger than your age. However, before you decide to go with the ones, it is suggestion that you find out some tips about these kinds of haircuts. You do not want to end up having a disastrous hairstyle instead of a fresh new look to boost up your confidence in public. The hairstyle is vital. It determines our personality and class. A good hairstyle can absolutely transform a person from simple boring to sexy and mysterious. Face shape and hair profile takes major rules at deciding which kind of hairstyle suits you. There are various types of the haircuts you can pick from and some tricks how to make these kinds of haircuts look sensational on you.

Face shape

Some types of face are just perfect for short layered hairstyle. An Oval face is a fit example. Oval face is a proportional and balanced type of face which suits the haircuts that focus on face texture. The short layered pixie, for an instance, makes your face become the main focus. Actually, you have various choices which include super-short pixie haircut, layered bobs haircut, chops, flip, and bangs. Super-short pixie haircut definitely suits you especially if you have petite face. If your faces are slightly square jaw or slightly round yet petite, plain short haircut is also suitable. Just consider how short it takes for the hair to suit your angular cheekbones.

Hair profile

Just like personality, very person has a different type of hair profile, the thickness, the moisture, the texture. This difference must be considered if someone wants to have a hairstyle. Basically, the short layered haircuts suit the straight hair with various level of thickness. If you have thin hair you have to make sure that your hairstylists do not make your hair look thinner than it supposed to. The right way of hair cutting can make your hair looks thicker (or thinner) depends on your demand. Just make sure you have a good hairstylist that have a vast knowledge of hairstyles and the art of hair cutting. The layer itself can give the hair volume and make the hair have a multi-dimensional look. If you have thick hair you can ask your hairstylist to make your hair look thinner by a attenuating your hair (refining). To fortify the fresh look you can combine the haircut with little wave accent on the tip area of your hair.

Adding sensation to your haircuts

If you want different sensation to reinforce the impression of your fresh look, coloring your short layered haircuts is a good addition. The right color can act as a good cover up for the hair and give some 'thick impression' to the haircut. Having a grey hair is a natural process for human that comes as one sign of aging, but for some people, it is an uninvited disaster. By coloring your hair, you can cover this somewhat 'imperfection' temporarily. Just make sure to choose the natural hair color to wrap your hair. Brunette or brown can be the suitable colors for you. You can straightly choose the color that represent your personality and tell your hairstylist how you want your hair to be colored. Always consult with the experienced hairstylist or people with hairstyling knowledge before you go all changing your hairstyle. This is important, as they can give you advice and tips so you can choose the best hairstyle that make you look fresh and strong in personality. No matter how old or young you are, a short layered haircuts could be a good choice of hairstyle.

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