stayanchored - Pinterest for Men Now Released

Stay Anchored was created to hold all the cool stuff for guys you can find. Organized by you all in one place. We are talking about hot sexy women, cool stuff to buy, hot tattoo pictures, stylish pics, Money, Fitness, etc etc. All the motivation and inspiration you need to go out and grab life by the balls. Consider it the pinterest for men. Explore, share and build your own cult following.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Men can now ‘stay anchored’ online –, Pinterest for men has now been launched. Specifically catering to men, Stay Anchored is a social sharing site where men of all ages and backgrounds can share the best images and videos online to ‘create their legend.’ It is a place where people can sign up for free, find photos/videos of hot sexy women, share cool stuff for guys, and create a huge following.

‘Stay Anchored’ is rooted from the word ‘anchor’ (an.cor), which is a tool that helps keep an item in place (akin to sailors’ ship anchors) thus, Stay Anchored is created to keep in place all the cool stuff for men anyone can find online. Users can easily organize their uploads on the site which is neatly categorized into different interesting themes ranging from Body Art, Beautiful Women, Food, Fitness, to Cars & Rides, DIY Projects, and more. It is just about anything that interests men (and women too) and allow them to discover great motivation and inspiration to keep them ‘stay anchored’ in life.

Started by Project Ystare, LLC, Stay Anchored allows people to easily sign up on the website ( for free simply by using any of their existing social media accounts, namely Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Once logged in, the user can then use the anchor button on the top right portion of the screen and create a deck by filling out their chosen categories and uploading content.

Users can also use the anchor bookmarklet button to easily anchor content from other websites, creating new decks as they go. Just install the anchor bookmarklet toolbar and upon seeing a cool picture or video that is worthy of stacking on one’s deck, just click the anchor button to store it. Other users can then view each other’s decks, ‘Like’, them, ‘Reanchor’ them, and ‘Follow’ the uploader.

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