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STD Privy Test Reveals Worrying Trend of Rising STD Cases and the Need for Individuals to Be Tested for STD at STD Clinic

Individuals who met for casual sex through smart phone apps are more likely to be infected with STD. Modern STD testing can be done in a very discreet matter and individual’s identity will be protected at all time.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- In a recent report by Wisconsin State Journal, it was revealed that smart phone apps are helping more and more individuals to find casual sex. In fact, it was revealed that people who met for casual sex through smart phone apps are more likely to be infected with STD compared to individuals who met online or in bars.

These casual or adventurous sex, most often will end up in unprotected sex. For individuals who have engaged in such unprotected sex, be it oral, vagina or anal, it is vital to visit STD clinic a few days later for STD test. In fact, for individuals who continually engaged in unprotected sex with multiple partners and for individuals who share needle with others, it is essential to go for STD testing from time to time to confirm the STD status.

In light of the rising STD cases, a website, has been created to provide individuals with private, quick and affordable STD test.

The STD test is done with 100% confidential and very discreet. Individuals only need to call or make online reservation before proceeding to the nearest STD clinic for STD testing. There are currently 4,000 STD testing centers across the nation.

Upon reaching the testing center, individual will proceed with the test and whole process will be completed in less than 5 minutes. Finally, individual goes home after the test and the results will be emailed in one to 2 days through email. All tests are FDA approved and individual can also go for same day STD testing.

Once the result is out and if it is positive, individuals can call the doctor for free phone consultation. This is the best time to ask any questions and at the discretion of the doctor, the doctor may prescribe medicine or advise individual to seek treatment with specialist.

The test results are kept 100% confidential and individuals’ insurance companies will not be notified of the test results. By such practice, individuals’ identity will be protected and the medical records will not be shown at the insurance companies.

For individuals who continually engaged in unprotected sex, there is a high possibility to be affected with STD again. Additionally, for individuals that have failed to complete the entire prescribed medication, re-infection is also possible. It is also possible to be infected with more than one STD at a time.

According to the General Manager, Chris Toddman, “It is very important that individuals go for STD test at the nearest STD clinic as some STDs do not show any symptoms at all. Take charge of your life, get tested and know your status.”

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About is a website that provides individuals with information on fast, discreet and affordable STD tests. The website has helped hundreds of individuals to take charge of their sex life and know their status.

To access the STD test information, individuals only need to enter email address. Once the detail is submitted, individuals can also have access to other information i.e. “How soon can I get tested for STD after unprotected sex?” and “How to protect from STD?”

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