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StealthMate Releases New Android Phone Monitoring System for Non-Jailbroken Devices

StealthMate now supports monitoring of both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, with the solution for non-jailbroken devices supporting all firmware versions including the latest 9.2 build.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2016 -- In the modern world, threats are more nebulous than ever before, the instant transfer of information can be just as damaging as a physical attack. As a result, businesses handling sensitive data must keep tabs on the usage of their computers and company phones in order to ensure they can protect from leaks and act quickly to contain any problems. StealthMate is a phone usage monitoring solution aimed at corporations who need to monitor phone usage for economy and to ensure the protection of sensitive information. They have just launched a new version of their software that will work on a non-jailbroken android device.

The StealthMate Android app, which has already been available for iPhones, is now available for factory fresh Android phones, allowing businesses to install the monitoring software without affecting the warranty by having to jailbreak the phone in order to use it. The software itself allows businesses to monitor the phone calls, texts and emails sent, collecting data which can be analysed to ensure proper use.

The StealthMate iPhone app is also available, ensuring that no matter what devices businesses use as standard for their staff communication solutions, they are able to keep tabs on usage and collate the data from multiple devices into something that can be properly analysed. Combined with their computer monitoring software, they can create a single system offering a complete solution.

A spokesperson for StealthMate explained, "We are thrilled to be able to offer people the best app possible for monitoring phone usage with end users feeling their privacy is being invaded. The monitoring is treated as sensitive data to be analysed by in house professionals who will use pattern recognition software to recognize outliers and investigate based on each company's own policies, allowing companies to justify to their employees what constitutes a matter for in depth investigation, in which case the necessary information will be available. The new version allows us to offer a complete solution for the latest devices with no sacrifice in usability or warranty."

About StealthMate
StealthMate has been providing cell phone and computer monitoring services to parents and employers for last two years. StealthMate is developed to help ensure the wellbeing and safety of teens in an increasingly dangerous digital environment. StealthMate also helps employers to keep data leaks at bay, keep productivity up and avoid wastage of company owned resources.

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