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Steam Shower Store Launches a Whirlpool Bath Installed and Ready for Use in 15 Minutes

Steam Short Store is now stocking the new Opus range from Aqualusso with a unique 'Ilock' click build system to have it installed in 15 minutes, saving hundreds on plumbing costs.


Morecambe, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- Bathroom remodeling is something many people would do far more often if it weren’t for the obvious disadvantages- upgrading a bathroom can take weeks, and during that time people must rely on neighbours and friends for the most basic ablutions. This, combined with the expense, causes people to put up with inferior baths and showers far longer than they would otherwise. has made it their mission to provide the highest quality bath and shower products for the home market at the lowest possible price, but have now debuted a new line of products that can be fully assembled without a plumber in just 15 minutes.

The new Opus range from Aqualusso uses a one-of-a-kind Llock system that allows all the component parts to simply click and lock into place with a water tight seal. This means all homeowners have to do is connect it to the water supply and build up the pieces like Lego.

Steam Shower Store also has a huge range of Hydro shower enclosures and combination units such as the Insignia whirlpool shower bath, which effectively creates an accessible, affordable home spa that can be used for luxurious bathing every day.

A spokesperson for Steam Shower Store explained, “The Llock system is something truly revolutionary as it is the first to be able to create a watertight shower enclosure that can be fully plumbed within just a quarter of an hour. This completely changes the game when it comes to bathroom remodels, as individuals can remove their existing unit quickly and replace it with a far superior, more technologically advanced and economical one without having to use a plumber, effectively saving them hundreds of pounds on the cost of replacement, and all this with our best price guarantee ensures the cheapest possible transition to luxury.”

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