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Steam Showers Offer a Wide Range of Health Benefits Prompting More People to Create Home Spas


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- Every day, people throughout the U.S. and the UK utilize steam showers at their local gym or spa as a means of relaxing and unwinding. In addition to reducing stress, steam showers have been shown to provide a wide range of other health benefits, including boosting a person’s metabolism, reinvigorating tired muscles, cleansing a person’s skin and opening their pores, providing cardiovascular fitness, increasing circulation, providing pain relief and detoxifying the body. They have even been proven to help people who suffer from congestion and respiratory issues, including asthma and bronchitis.

Given this long list of health benefits, many people are now creating their own at-home sanctuaries by adding a steam shower to their bathroom or outdoor area. But prior to purchasing a steam shower, it is important to research the available brands and different types.

People interested in learning more about steam showers can now turn to the recently launched site SteamShowersHQ.com. Founded by Ron Schmidt, the site features a host of insightful information about steam showers, including reviews of suppliers, typical steam shower costs, different steam shower constructions and much more. Site visitors can also learn about the steam sauna and whirlpool bathtub, as well as luxury baths, steam spas and steam rooms.

After a long day of work, most people just want to unwind and relax. While some people choose to relax on the couch, take a mental break with a good book or spend time with a loved one or good friend, one of the most enjoyable ways to de-stress is by indulging in a hot steam shower.

Unlike traditional saunas that project dry heat, steam showers feature a wet heat, which provides users with a slightly different experience. One advantage steam showers have over saunas is their ability to alleviate respiratory ailments and clean out a person’s pores.

According to Steam Showers HQ, these benefits and the many others offered by steam showers make them the ultimate at-home addition.

Steam Showers HQ states, “In a steam shower home spa, you are able to appreciate your hot bath whenever you prefer with no need to worry about the time. You’ll be able to really unwind your body and mind fully to attain the most useful benefits from the bath.”

For those people who already own a steam shower, Steam Showers HQ also provides a multitude of information on the available accessories and options that can be added, including benches, radios, touch screens, body jets and more.

For more information, visit http://www.SteamShowersHQ.com

About Steam Showers HQ
Launched by Ron Schmidt, Steam Showers HQ is a website that aims to provide quality information concerning steam showers, reviews of steam shower suppliers and all the resources people need in order to make the process of getting a steam shower a breeze. The site also discusses the typical costs of steam showers and the different types of constructions available.