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Steel Bar is a reputed manufacturer of quality steel products which they supply to many companies all over the world.


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Steel products have widespread usage all over the world. Raw materials based steel can be molded into various products and is of huge value. Steel Bar sells and manufactures good quality high speed steel that has many usage. The China based company is run by family business has wide experience in steel marketing and trading. The steel products are also of low price that helps the buyers in ordering in bulk packages. The company also delivers in worldwide shipping and has many clients in America and Europe.

The company specializes in production of different shapes of steel bars and plates. The 42CrMo4 steel is a high graded alloy composition that has long lasting durability. Chromium-Molybdenum comprises of its composition and the steel is of higher quality than the 1.7220 grade. The steel has more strength and is of harder standards and also is prone to higher temperature impact. The steel can be molded in round shape or flat long bars. The low brittle nature of the steel makes it possible for the buyers to cast it in various shapes as per desire. It can also be reshaped into rollers or medium sized blocks. The outer surface of the steel can be smooth or turned. One can also order and make it rough with the help of machines. The usage of the 42CrMo4 steel can range in producing tools that requires high toughness. Axles, gear transformers or connecting rods can be formed from this steel as it has high tensile capacity.

Another grade of steel that the company manufactures is the 34CrNiMo6 as it has high toughness and hardened factor. The graded steel has to undergo high temperature before welding and casting. It can be shaped in square and shaft bars. The white sensitive steel can also be molded into rollers of blocks as it originally comes in round bars. It has the same surface type like the 42CrMo4 as it can have smooth, rough or turned outer surface. The steel has a usual tempering degree of 600 C and has high production capacity. The steel is perfect for making products that requires good plasticity and higher level of strength. The tools can be made in gears or axle or even crank shafts and blades. The grade is of prime quality and is in demand from many tool makers all round the world.

The Steel Bar team selects the best of steel and manufactures them under expert supervision. The materials are of upgraded reliable quality and yields high products. The company has their website www.steel-bar.com that showcases their products. Their customer service can also be contacted to get a quotation of their products. The high speed steel products are ported to many leading traders of the world.

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The steel manufacturing company sells a lot high graded high speed steel products that is supplied to many countries. Their website can be visited for more information http://www.steel-bar.com

Website: http://www.steel-bar.com

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