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Steel Seal Shown to Be an Effective Solution for Motorcycles


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Steel Seal has been shown to be effective for a wide variety vehicles including; trucks, cars, boats and heavy equipment. One vehicle the product is constantly being used for head gasket repair is motorcycles. Older liquid cooled engines constantly experience head gasket problems because the gaskets become brittle from excessive heat. Oil leaks and poor engine performance can be caused by a bad head gasket. In many cases, the only choice is to replace the gasket entirely. However, Steel Seal helps with avoiding the cost and headache involved with replacing the gasket completely.

The simple pour-in head gasket sealant is compatible with any vehicle, including motorcycles, using a water cooling system. Unlike other products on the market, Steel Seal permanently seals blown head gaskets, cracked engine blocks and warped cylinder heads. The company behind the sealant is proud to announce that the product has been successfully used in over 500,000 vehicles throughout the United States.

Scott Laboratory performed an independent evaluation of Steel Seal and its competitors and found that Steel Seal was superior compared to all other products tested during the evaluation. The product is shown to be successful in creating a permanent seal that can withstand high amounts of pressure and high temperatures. Drivers who operate both petrol and diesel engines can use Steel Seal to repair their blown head gaskets or cracked engine blocks.

Using a unique combination of several chemicals, Steel Seal is a clear solution that does not contain any fibrous particles or materials that could clog passages for engine coolant. The product relies solely on science and chemistry for its productivity and strength, rather than relying on filler particles commonly found in competing products.

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About Steel Seal
Steel Seal is a product that offers a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on sealing a blown head gasket or cracked head gasket. The product is composed of a clear, liquid formula that seals head gaskets permanently. Since 1999, Steel Seal has been the trusted solution for over 3,000 mechanics and well over a half a million consumers worldwide.

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