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Steel Seal Shown to Fix Blown Head Gaskets Caused by Various Issues


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Many people throughout the United States have experienced a blown head gasket, but how many stop to ask why they occur in the first place? Typically, drivers just want the problem to go away, so they head to the nearest mechanic to fix the problem. But, by figuring out what causes blown head gaskets in the first place, drivers can avoid the scenario altogether. Of course, Steel Seal has been proven to be effective in sealing a blown or cracked head gasket, but the makers of the product can inform drivers on what a head gasket is and why it would crack.

A gasket is designed to accomplish a simple goal. The gasket is essential for keeping gas or fluid flowing when two parts of a machine come together. An example of this, according to the makers of Steel Seal, is weather stripping that is found around a door. The weather stripping, acting as a gasket, is designed to keep outside air from entering the home and keep the air inside the home clean. A head gasket is designed to keep intake air and combustion gases inside the cylinder, while keeping coolant out of the cylinder.

The head gasket is under a lot of pressure as it works to hold back the pressure of the intake vacuum and combustion explosion while keeping engine coolant out as the vehicle adds on mile after mile. Another problem comes from the design of the cylinder and its components including the valves and other various pieces of equipment found in the heads. The small number of bolts used to keep the head gasket sealed, can cause pressure on the head gasket as it expands from the heat and other various stresses.

There are other reasons, along with those listed above, that causes a blown head gasket. Replacing the head gasket altogether can be expensive, but Steel Seal is an effective solution for permanently sealing the gasket, while giving the vehicle a longer lifespan. For more information about Steel Seal, please visit the website at

About Steel Seal
Steel Seal is a product that offers a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on sealing a blown head gasket or cracked head gasket. The product is composed of a clear, liquid formula that seals head gaskets permanently. Since 1999, Steel Seal has been the trusted solution for over 3,000 mechanics and well over a half a million consumers worldwide.

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